International Students

Working in the United States

Working while in the U.S. can help you gain experience in your field of study and earn money for your expenses. Where and how often you can work depends on your immigration status and where you are in your academic program. F-1 students need authorization for most categories of work. J-1 students need authorization for any type of employment.

There are many opportunities for you to work on campus. Currently, nearly 10,000 students have jobs on-campus. You may see a few positions that are labeled "work-study" only. Work-study is a form of federal financial assistance, that only U.S. citizens qualify for. However, less than 10% of the jobs on campus are work-study only. 


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Announcement from OIS

The Office of International Services would like to share a reminder regarding international students and the limitations for on-campus employment. Most international students have a strict 20 hour/week limit for on-campus work – even for just a small project (more details here). Students who work for more than 20 hours/week can face significant immigration consequences. If you have questions about opportunities students may have above 20 hours/week, OIS will be happy to talk with you – before the employment occurs.

To remain in status, it is extremely important that you follow the federal regulations regarding employment. It is a serious violation of your legal status to work without authorization.