Prepare for Your Job Search

Getting started

Part-time jobs on and off campus are available all the time. Make sure you take some time to think about a few things before you make the final decision as to which job is best for you.

We recommend starting with 10-12 hours of availability. Review your class schedule along with the time you need to be at the library, working in your study groups and any possible labs. What about clubs, organizations and activities? If you’re involved in campus activities, that’s great! Just think about how you need to factor those commitments into your schedule.

Is the job you’re interested in on-campus, or is it off-campus, requiring transportation? Are you familiar with the IU Campus Bus and Bloomington Transit schedules? It is free to ride the Bloomington buses with your Crimson Card. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to get from class to your work location.

Have you had a previous job? Were there some things that you liked about that job? What skills did you develop? Are you looking for something different this time? Are you wanting to build specific skills you don’t currently have?

Always talk to your career coach if you have questions about part-time employment.

I-9 Documentation

All incoming students intending to work on or off-campus need to bring their acceptable Form I-9 documents with them.

The documents must be unexpired, originals. This means that photocopies and/or scans are not acceptable documents. Students not bringing these required documents cannot fill out an I-9 and will not be allowed to work until they can present the required documents.

Click here to see the list of acceptable documents.