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With your busy schedule and the current pandemic, looking for a traditional internship can feel daunting. That’s why we encourage looking at micro-internships. These experiences are short-term, project-based, and will help you explore career fields and build experience for your resume. You can test out career fields and build your professional network. Plus, many micro-internships can be completed remotely!


Forage Virtual Work Experiences

Explore 5-6 hour virtual work experience programs with Fortune 500 companies. Learn about potential career paths and try them out from the convenience of your home!

Forage virtual work experiences are always free for students as their partner companies are committed to ensuring equity, diversity, and access of opportunity for everyone.

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Parker Dewey offers a platform to connect you with paid, professional, short-term projects.

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Work + Learn Indiana

Looking for a micro-internship in Indiana? Visit Work and Learn Indiana to search for a micro-internship (or regular internship) and submit your application.